4P Tetris Battle Secrets to Rank Top 1st

How to immediately Top Rank in Facebook Tetris Game

I found out another one tips on how to rank at the 1st on a minimum time. Tetris are always updating on their systems and securities. All games have maintenance or even a machine right? So if this post will be 1 or 2 months old this tip will be less possible but you won't lose anything if you give this a shot. Playing Tetris is Fun and Entertaining but other people have to do their work first before they gonna do their own hobbies.

To do this the process is simple.

Remember: This will only work on 4P Battle.

All you have to do is:

1. Login to your Tetris Battle

2. Choose 4P Mode

3. Wait until the Green START Button comes up

4. Click Shop Button + ENTER simultaneously

5. Play the game a little in a few seconds I think 10-15 second and your done and earn 2 stars. Sometimes 1 star.

I will post more about Tetris Battle Tips and Secrets in the future.

Don't forget to comment if you successfully get the secret. :))

Happy Gaming!

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  1. the shop opens too fast :(

  2. this tip sucked..... didn't work a lick.... cost me precious seconds...

  3. You'll never knowJune 1, 2012 at 10:50 PM

    Awesome! I've done it! It's great o3o

  4. panu po ba un gamitin ...xiaka ung iba pa pong cheat??

  5. pa2ro nmn po kung panu magamit ung mga cheat

  6. no you dumbass, your tips are shit
    if you win by a huge amount then you are classified as overpowered for the rank that your on and you get a promotional rank up


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