4P Tetris Battle Secrets to Rank Top 1st

How to immediately Top Rank in Facebook Tetris Game

I found out another one tips on how to rank at the 1st on a minimum time. Tetris are always updating on their systems and securities. All games have maintenance or even a machine right? So if this post will be 1 or 2 months old this tip will be less possible but you won't lose anything if you give this a shot. Playing Tetris is Fun and Entertaining but other people have to do their work first before they gonna do their own hobbies.

To do this the process is simple.

Make Your Facebook Username Unique

There are some or I think most users don't still have unique Username Login. Are you still wondering and confused when the time you see your friends logging in and you notice that their username does not contain any extensions like "@yahoo.com", "@gmail.com", "@hotmail.com" or whatever. Let us look deeper on what I mean.

As you see the photo that i show that it does not contain any extensions.
Well, let me introduce to you the Tips process on how to do it.

SPAM: Celebrities (LadyGaga&JenniferLopez)- caught in front of video cameras!NEW 2012 HD VIDEO`s!!

Post Title in Facebook: "Celebrities (LadyGaga&JenniferLopez)- caught in front of video cameras!NEW 2012 HD VIDEO`s!!"

A new Spam detected on facebook just now. Another friends of mine posted the about quoted words and have a link to it. Let me show you what would like:

How to Get Facebook Game Credits Free Tips

Trying to play a game can sometimes lead to addictive, excitement or too much enjoyment. Every social game applications has its own cash/money/coins/credits or whatever that only gamer with cash can buy those premium items. But there is other ways to earn premium credits or cash for free.

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