Latest Facebook Spams (24/7 UPDATED)

I created this another page for you to find easily the posts and new updates for FACEBOOK SPAM.

Latest to older Facebook spams:
Please click on the Date you will like to know about spams along with the descriptions and how to avoid it.

               Date                                -      Wall post message structure on facebook

January 7, 2012 Detected Spam     -      94% 0f All People Cant even Watch This Video F0r More Than 21

January 12, 2012 Detected Spam   -     EXCLUSIVE!!! The "Young Love" Stolen Video Justin Bieber and Selena

January 16, 2012 Detected Spam   -   Celebrities (LadyGaga&JenniferLopez)- caught in front of video cameras!NEW
                                                                              2012 HD VIDEO`s!!

More Spam Updates will be posted soon...


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