Bring Back the Old Chatbox - Reveal Facebook Secrets

Things are needed to be look something new and much more interesting like some of the Facebook Feature which is the Chatbox. Every people has its own likes and dislikes right? And there are few of them really wants the old facebook chatbox and they are doing all they can to get back to it. They are seeking many types of Secrets and Tips but unfortunately they found nothing answers on their questions and problems.

Sad to say, there's nothing you can do about it even though you will contact Facebook, Suggest to them or whatever.

But now, you can override it on a simplest beginner way and NO any other applications out there or even inside the Facebook needed. Let us reveal the reverting the tips and secrets.

Before Adjusting Chat Box

After Adjusting Chat Box

Okay we have to reveal the Facebook Old chatbox and the secrets of it.

Here are the pretty simple Tips Step.

All you have to do is to Adjust or Maximize a little the viewing resolution on your browser.

Yes! That's all you will be going to do and your done!

Thanks. :)

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  1. stupid. this is not what people wants whenever they say the OLD CHATBOX


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