Ignore Your Annoying Friends by Facebook Secrets and Tips

We can't avoid that sometimes we can meet or face some of our Facebook friends are annoying right?
Friends like chats too much, message too much, posts too much and alike.

There are some Secrets, Tips and ways to prevent and block them like:

Method 1: Block them On Chat

Step 1- Go to her/his profile and add them on the "Restricted" List.

Step 1 - Block them on Chat

Step 2 - Go to Chatbox, select the settings icon, and choose "Limit Availability".

Step 2 - Block them on Chat
Step 3 - On the dropbox select "Make me unavailable to:" and then tick the "Restricted Checkbox"
              and click "Okay".

Step 3 - Block them on Chat

Method 2: Block them on too much post

This is really simple. Go to his/her profile and "Unsubscribe" to his/her updates.

That's it! You blocked them that they never ever noticed.

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