Download All Photos in 1 Album by Facebook Secrets and Tips

Do you get screwed on downloading photos in an album one-by-one? Are you finding ways or anything to solve your problem?

Now you are in a good timing because you can download all the photos in an facebook album in just few clicks and not clicking the "download" button provided by facebook one-by-one.

Here are some of the tips, secrets and ways:

Fluschipranie is a plugin for FireFox that requires no restart to be installed.
Once you installed it, browse to your album(s) on Facebook and right-click on your album link and choose“fluschipranie Download” option:

You can download the Fluschipranie on this link:


It is an Mozilla Firefox Addon that allows you to download Facebook albums from your right click options. From our observation, we saw it runs relatively faster also. You can download FacePad on the link below.

Album Copier

Album copier is another way or tool that lets you download picture albums from sites like Facebook. You can pause or continue the download and begin from anywhere in the album. Get Album Copier on the link below.


If you are most comfortable of a desktop application type, you should see Fotobounce. It is a picture organizer for Windows and Mac OS X that helps you see and download photos in an albums from Facebook. They also have a face recognition system feature and integration between Facebook and Flickr. Download Fotobounce at their website.
Just choose where you are comfortable at.

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