Make Fun of your Facebook Friends by Many Friend Requests, Online Chat Friends and Many More..

Facebook is the most influenced site all over the world and it is the main Social Networking Website Worldwide. Let us have fun inside Facebook and lets reveal the tips and secrets. Show your friends by many friend requests or chat friends or even replace their comment TEMPORARILY so that you can PrintScreen on it and amaze them.

NOTE: This will work only for GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER and i am not sure on others.

Here are the Secrets and Tips to do that.

1. MANY NOTIFICATIONS - Lets say you have 1 notification.

Step 1: Right Click on it and choose "Inspect Element"

Step 2: Navigate the Codes and change "1" to any numbers you like and hit ENTER.


And now you have many fake notifications that you can use to amaze your friends. :)

Just PrintScreen on it and post anywhere you want as simple as that.

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  1. oh, well thanks for this one.


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