New Facebook Chat Secret and Tips (NEW ICONS)

Facebook is getting more and more confusing on about its upgrading features, however many website sources out there can give you Facebook Secrets, Tips, and Other features that can give you idea.

Bonding with your friends using Facebook Chat Box is 1 of the best feature on Facebook. When Chatting, sometimes we are love to use Facebook Chat Box Icons or Emoticons right? But sending a new faces of a new Facebook Chat Box Icons and Emoticons will make them really confused.

In this article, this will be all about Secrets of New Facebook Chat Box Icons or New Sets of Facebook Chat Emoticons. Let me introduce to you some tips or tricks of  the new Facebook Chat Secrets emoticons or icons.

Like the photo preview above, as you see the icons on the Facebook Chat box are new to you right?
There is no need to worry, i will help you figure out your problem or confusion in this Emoticon Secrets and Tips.

Just Type this numbers with Brackets on the Facebook Chat box completely:

1. Cereal Guy - [[238076499594176]]
2. Oh God Why - [[306848009355987]]
3. Dislike button - [[343207372372045]]
4. Like Button - (y)
5. F*ck no- [[349102638440380]]
6. F*ck that B!tch - [[295596383811013]]
7. Mr. Fuuuuuuuuuu- [[119519804832205]]
8. Happy Overload - [[238998422838201]]
9. Happy Girl - [[165101186924039]]
10. I see what you did there - [[221195671290973]]
11. I want that - [[157278714378793]]
12. LOL - [[266338583421012]]
13. Mega Rage - [[296147647087021]]
14. Me Gusta - [[138707829574368]]
15. Not Bad- [[284083294973386]]

For now that will be partially published and dont forget to visit this page for new updates on Facebook Chat Emoticons Icons and Facebook secrets, Tips, and Other Features.


  1. why do they show up so small

  2. Chat icons are always small.. :)

  3. wow! facebook now is newly new.. Meme and troll faces are accepted too.

    thanks man!


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