"94% 0f All People Cant even Watch This Video F0r More Than 21 Seconds" SPAM!

Post Title on Facebook: "94% 0f All People Cant even Watch This Video F0r More Than 21 Seconds"

I just noticed that above post description on Facebook are posted to some of my friends exactly. And I'm curious of what is the truth behind this post with the link.

This photo is exactly the preview on facebook post that posted some of your friends.

Suddenly when I visit the page is in blogspot but the weird thing is the page is alike facebook (but it doesn't fool me).

As you noticed the above image, i put a descriptive details about this weird spammy website that's on a blogspot site. No other interactive links or pages to be visit and the only clickable is the INSTALL PLUGIN Button Only. But please.. NO, NO, NO, to let it install the application to your Web browser. You will soon the next victim on that spam application. You must be careful in clicking Links that some of your friend's posts.

I will post and update you more on Spams on Facebook.


  1. how to remove if im a victim.its already got me and its on my wall now i report it as a spam...but till now when i open my fb account its still there i remove and report spam again there it is on my wall

  2. Please check on your browser plugins if there is unfamiliar plugin installed.

    And also if your friends posted that spam and tags you, please don't ever click.All you have to do to get rid that on your wall or profile is to remove post.


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