Tetris Battle 500x Armor (UNLOCK) Secrets

Tetris Battle in Facebook are now very trending game on most users. Tetris was from the "Brick Game" game concept. The game was so very entertaining among users both teens and kids. Even I, I'm playing Tetris Game Battle until now. Even so, the most effective and strong strategy now is the 4x T-Spin and next are other strategies. In able to get higher rank you will be winning simultaneously or else you will be rank down to the lowest position. In this game, "RANK IS ALL THAT MATTERS" and "LEVEL" is the second right?

Let me show you how to protect your rank or stars even if you will lose repeatedly.

Disclaimer: This is not fake like anyone else outthere trying hard fooling you to click their ads.

I will make a tutorial along the files needed to get 500x Armor Star Rank Protection from the game Tetris Battle.

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