How to Get Facebook Game Credits Free Tips

Trying to play a game can sometimes lead to addictive, excitement or too much enjoyment. Every social game applications has its own cash/money/coins/credits or whatever that only gamer with cash can buy those premium items. But there is other ways to earn premium credits or cash for free.

One of those ways are taking free surveys. Let's say in Tetris Battle Game.

All you have to do is log in to your any facebook games you play and I will use Tetris Battle this time as an example. As you can see the screenshot below is the actual game interface on Tetris. Above on it there are tabs and you see there is a "Earn Tetris Cash" Tab. I'm not sure on labels to other games but commonly word they will use is "Earn Free Cash/Credits/Coins" by taking surveys.

When I clicked the "Earn Tetris Cash" Tab, you will be directed on a popup screen like this:

As you seen the screenshot above, there are corresponding surveys that you can take to earn free cash credits. Most of the surveys are free so don't worry you can make it anytime you want. :)

I will make more Secrets, Tips and Tutorials  for Tetris Battle Game on Facebook soon.

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