SPAM: Celebrities (LadyGaga&JenniferLopez)- caught in front of video cameras!NEW 2012 HD VIDEO`s!!

Post Title in Facebook: "Celebrities (LadyGaga&JenniferLopez)- caught in front of video cameras!NEW 2012 HD VIDEO`s!!"

A new Spam detected on facebook just now. Another friends of mine posted the about quoted words and have a link to it. Let me show you what would like:

The photo above is what I really mean. The post words will be "wow check this out [TAG FRIENDS]" and that is usually the format in every spammers used. If you clicked that link you will be redirected into the photo below I will show to you.

The encircled clickable links are all the same, if you click every link you will be redirected on the same page on what you are currently visiting.

IMPORTANT: And please... don't let the spam plugin install in your internet browser. If you let it then you will be considered as spammer because every now and then the plugin will use your facebook account, tag your friends with spam links, your friends wonders why you tag them and you will be screwed up.

I will update more on the Newest Spams on Facebook.

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  1. oh my i tried me

  2. Please see your browsers Plugin on a Weird Plugin and Uninstall it.


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